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30 January 2006 @ 04:09 pm
I've decided to delete this journal. I don't use it anyway and I am planning to start an online blog just for myself to see and nobody else.

So I'd appreciate it if you would unfriend me. Thanks!
17 December 2005 @ 11:38 pm

Someone Please Shut Tom Cruise Up, Seriously
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10 December 2005 @ 10:45 pm
Well golly gee wiz, this is good to know......

Congratulations! You do not qualify for membership
in Scientology Inc.! You have too many ethics,
and don't hate people enough, and/or are not
selfish enough, and/or not criminal enough to
be a Scientologist.

Are You Scientology Material?
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09 December 2005 @ 09:19 pm
The Chronicles of Narnia is now in theaters!

And because of the darn snow, I won't be able to go see it this weekend. Grrrrr

Oh well, that gives me more time to finish the books. I just finished #4 so I have three more to go. There are soooo many awesome movies out or coming out. If only I had the money to go:

Memoirs of a Geisha
The Producers
Good Night and Good Luck
King Kong

Maybe I'll get lucky and the money will drop out of the sky and into my lap. :D

Hey a girl can dream, can't she?

Next week Carrie Underwood is performing on Dr Phil and on Tuesday Constantine Maroulis is going to perform on Regis and Kelly (IL Divo is performing on there Monday). Yay! And Bo Bice has been on TV so much and is on a few more things next week. Oh....and I started seeing ads for the new season of American Idol. Is it me or do the contestants get worse with each coming season? Then I saw an ad for Skating with Celebrities...kinda like Dancing with the Stars only it'll be famous people learning to skate from Olympic and World Champion skaters. I might watch it since I am a huge skating fan. Deborah Gibson and Todd Bridges are gonna be on it. Yeah, its a rip off of Dancing with the Stars, but I like some of the skaters who will be on it, except for Nancy Kerrigan who I never could stand esp after the Tonya Harding incident. Nancy annoyed me more than Tonya, lol.

I just heard about a teacher who has been forbidden to show her class A Charlie Brown Christmas because of its religious connotations. Give me a break. What is the world coming to?

And some guy in Florida is trying to ban the Narnia books.

Do people actually get THAT offended these days? LOL

Then again, I love banned books. They're usually better than the non-banned books, hehe. :D

Some lady and her 15 year old stepdaughter were on Dr Phil today, saying that they think they're fat....and they're both a size 2!!!! They compete to see who can eat less. The 15 year old wants to get down to a size 0 and her stepmother was like, "She's not a size 12 but she's gonna be if she doesn't watch it!"

Some people are just wacky. Dr Phil's wife Robyn was on the show to because it was "Ask Dr Phil and Robyn Day" and the stepmom wanted to know if she was helping her stepdaughter to have a bad self image.

Gee, ya think!?!!!!! I like what Robyn said, about not even owning a scale and that she works out and eats right not so that she can fit into smaller sizes, but because she just wants to be a healthy person and that should be the main reason to workout and eat right.

Good point. She's a smart lady....unlike that woman and her daughter. Nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, but when you're a size 2 and want to get to a size 0, something is definitely wrong.
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09 December 2005 @ 06:23 pm
So I rented Equilibrium – finally. I watched it late last night and I watched it again this morning. I didn’t think I’d like it, but wow, it’s good. And for the past 12 years that I've liked him, Christian Bale has always been hot, but um, he has definitely gotten hotter, lol. I just wish that he would actually use his freakin accent in at least one of his movies. I watched the behind the scenes thing on the DVD and his accent his definitely still there -- now use it Christian! lol.

Oh yeah, and Taye Diggs doesn’t look so bad in Equilibrium either. :)

I just wish you all could have seen my previous Christian Bale obsession when I first found out about him when I was 16. If you think my thing with Clay Aiken is bad, you should have seen that, lol. I made my own Christian Bale scrapbook and when I bought "Newsies" I counted how many times I watched it and lost track after 100, lol. Then I watched "Swing Kids" and "Little Women" just as many times when I bought those. It was sad. Fun, but sad, lol. My mom used to like him a lot until she saw "American Psycho." Even though that isn't the best movie I have ever seen, I am so glad they finally decided to let the director have her way and let Christian Bale do that instead of the studio's choice (Leonardo DiCaprio) ....can you see Leonardo in that role? I don't think so, lol. If my mom thought that was bad, I don't dare show her "Velvet Goldmine." I don't even want to see that again. Never again do I want to see Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor doing what they were doing together in that movie. And if my mom saw it, she'd have a heart attack. How can that be my Professor's favorite movie? Is he crazy? I just need to catch up on my Christian Bale movies. Next on the list is the remake of Shaft which is on TV a lot, but I keep missing it.
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